We’re open as we’re supporting development of critical medical equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us to discuss your project.

The Alchemy Formula is a contract manufacturing solution for startups and entrepreneurs to take their product from concept to production and global distribution.


We take the complexity out of hardware manufacturing, by breaking it down into a simple, streamlined formula.

engineering excellence


We offer decades of engineering expertise to ensure your product is manufactured to the highest standards.


We help you build a robust, fully-vetted supply chain with global contacts you can trust.



We have deep industry knowledge of manufacturing processes and specialty materials, and can help you find and produce a solution that is fit for your application.

metal fabrication and assembly for corporates


plastic manufacturing for corporates


PCB manufacturing


rapid prototyping for corporates


startup funding silicon valley



In today’s market having access to a reliable source of funding is essential to any company’s success. That applies from early concept startups to mature companies launching their next series of products.

We have an early stage funding program, taking you from idea and concept to MVP (minimal viable product). We also offer Pre-Seed, Seed, Angel or Series A+ funding, via our network of highly qualified funding partners eager to find the next exciting service or product.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you bring your product to life.

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