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We help fast-moving corporations and Fortune companies get their new products to market faster and at lower costs, through turnkey production or component-based manufacturing. Either domestically in the United States or in low-cost regions offshore.

contract manufacturing dedicated service


We take the time to understand your needs and provide dedicated services to see your product through to completion.

contract manufacturing fast turnaround


We move quickly to mobilize resources and provide fast turnaround on production of your product or components.

trusted manufacturing partners


We provide access to global networks of trusted, pre-vetted manufacturing partners, nurtured through decades of experience.



As an engineer or product designer, you know your supply chain inside out, and what you need to do to bring your product to market quickly.

But if there’s a specific component or segment of your manufacturing process that’s missing from the equation, you don’t have time to vet suppliers from scratch to fill that gap. You need quality, reliable and trusted vendors to produce your components quickly at a cost-competitive price point.

At Alchemy MFG, we have deep industry knowledge of the manufacturing of custom components and specialty materials, and can help you find and produce a solution that is fit for your application.

metal fabrication and assembly for corporates


plastic manufacturing for corporates


PCB manufacturing


rapid prototyping for corporates


Contract Manufacturing for Startups: Production



Consolidate your manufacturing with a cost-competitive turnkey production solution, available from the smallest sensors to complex consumer devices.

We provide end-to-end manufacturing services to corporations and Fortune companies, onshore in the United States or offshore in lower cost regions, including:


Contact us to discuss your needs or request a full materials list.

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