Alchemy MFG provides lighting contract manufacturing services to the film, entertainment and industrial sectors. We provide a wide range of engineering expertise, manufacturing processes and fabrication services throughout the whole product lifecycle. 

The field of industrial lighting for live action media, film recording, and photography is a complex one. It’s no longer flood lights or low cost led’s susceptible to temperature, color changes from one device to another or over time. It’s an advanced technology where temperature, color and flicker rates are of the highest standards.

Having a partner who understands the intricacies of lighting technology and how to manufacture to the highest standards is critical. At Alchemy mfg and our fully vetted partners we’ve assisted in the design and manufacture of lighting to exacting standards.

Segments include:

  • Film and media
  • Live entertainment
  • Photography
  • Sports score boards
  • Industrial lighting
  • High quality large scale displays.

We offer a full range of manufacturing processes, including metal fabrication, plastic manufacturing and PCB manufacturing. We support our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle, from concept and rapid prototyping, to Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFM/A), risk assessment, production and global distribution.


Get in touch to find out how we can help you bring your lighting product to life.

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