Alchemy MFG provides contract manufacturing services in the telecommunications and networking industry, providing a wide range of engineering expertise, manufacturing processes and fabrication services across the whole product lifecycle.

Networking, telecommunication and data storage have a long history of technological change and growth.  The data storage segment alone has seen continued rapid growth in the last decade alone; growing 50X in capacity and estimated to grow close to 50% year on year moving forward.

The requirement for faster, more compressed data transmission rates will continue to be an essential requirement for any companies growth or those considering entering the network / telecom space.

Given the trends, the need for a highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable partner in this rapidly growing technology is critical.

Alchemy mfg and it fully vetted factories and facilities is that critical partner your looking for. With proven track record in fiber, data storage, wireless and network spaces.

We offer a full range of manufacturing processes, including metal fabrication, plastic manufacturing and PCB manufacturing. We support our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle, from concept and rapid prototyping, to Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFM/A), risk assessment, production and global distribution.


Get in touch to find out how we can help you bring your telecommunications product to life.

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