With a trillion connected devices by 2025 and an estimate of $11 Trillion in revenue, the IOT revolution isn’t just a future trend. It’s arrived.

Alchemy MFG specializes in IOT hardware design and contract manufacturing, providing a wide range of engineering expertise, manufacturing processes and fabrication services throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle. 

IOT has a unique set of opportunities and challenges for those entering the segment: Time to market, cost competitiveness, engineering and design to name just a few are critical to success. It’s essential to partner with factories and providers who have the experience and knowledge to deliver not just on time, but to provide you with the competitive edge IOT demands for success.

We have completed many designs in areas including:

  • Home automation
  • Agri sensors
  • Health care
  • Optical devices
  • AR/VR

We offer a full range of manufacturing processes, including metal fabrication, plastic manufacturing and PCB manufacturing. We support our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle, from concept and rapid prototyping, to Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFM/A), risk assessment, production and global distribution. 

Join us in the IOT revolution.


Get in touch to find out how we can help you bring your IOT hardware design to life.

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